Senior Recruitment Consultant


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Senior Consultant

 As a Senior Consultant, you are an established member of the CCA team, have a consistent level of billings and are generating regular levels of business for both yourself and the company. The way in which you conduct yourself, communicate and uphold the company values is vitally important, as a Senior person your behavior and the way in which you conduct yourself is pivotal to your success.

As you progress to Senior Consultant you will begin to be exposed to business initiatives, projects and key focus areas, which support business improvement initiatives as well as the development of Recruitment Consultants and Associate Consultants.

As each of your skills and experience differ, we will identify your key strengths and work with you to utilise them further for the benefit of colleagues, peers, the company and your progression. These key strengths translate to you becoming subject matter experts in particular areas such as Business Development, WIP’s, Fee Negotiation, Organisation etc……

This focus will offer greater opportunities to consider future career moves whilst utilising your expertise across the wider group. This will increase your levels of accountability, test your project management skills and expose you to a variety of different scenario’s allowing you to develop and hone your skills further as you increase your responsibilities.


Key focus areas for Senior Recruitment Consultants:


  • Maintain a consistent level of billings as required at this level.
  • Work with Directors and Peers with key business initiatives.
  • Key member of bid processes and commercial negotiations.
  • Support the development of Recruitment and Associate Consultants.
  • Identify key responsibilities and enhanced skill areas.
  • Participate in Senior Consultant meetings to discuss business objectives and initiatives.
  • Maintain Company values and support key communications to the office and teams.
  • Regularly attend client meetings and be a key stakeholder influencer when pitching business.

For the full job profile please click on this link

To Apply or discuss the role please send us an email or call on:

T: 0161 457 0176

M: 07917802956



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